Wednesday, March 7, 2012

stop taking life so seriously

How many songs revolve around "being young" or "living wild and free"? A LOT. Why do you think that it? I mean, of course it is catchy, but if you put any words to music it can be catchy. People sing about having fun when young because everyone relates to that. This youth is our prime, and we need to stop taking life so seriously and just have some fun.

I am currently 21, and we know that isn't that old. But it is old enough to do some reflecting, and you know that quote that is out there, about how you only regret the stuff you didn't do in life? I can see just how true that is. In high school, I was SO SERIOUS. I remember just locking myself in my room and reading textbook after textbook, and I never had fun. I mean, I have some memories of fun - but whenever I went out, I always felt like I was doing something I shouldn't be and that I had "more important" things to do.

Which in retrospect seems ridiculous. In the scheme of life, high school is so unimportant. Most of the friends you have in high school... well they probably won't be your friends in a few years if you move away and meet others. So why take it so seriously and worry what people think? Do the things that make you happy - and have some fun! Trust me, if you spend high school stressing out, you are going to end up just like me, totally regretful of those wasted years. Wasted YOUNG years.

Last night, I had such a fun night. It was so spontaneous, and I honestly needed A LOT of convincing to decide to even go (which, in retrospect, COME ON KELSEY!). But just, it was a small group of really close friends - and we had a blast. We did really SILLY things, seriously, downright SILLY things - and gosh, it was so liberating.

I think I am so lucky to have friends like that. Friends that have made me realize that fun is all in what you want and what you feel - not in what others want you to feel. We spend so much time trying to please others and meet their standards, but in reality, if we just let go of those expectations - we have SO MUCH more fun. And to surround yourself with people who think like that, its just, its honestly so rewarding.

And I am not telling you to go out and get wasted and crazy every night. That isn't what I am saying at all. Just have fun. Let loose, be yourself, and surround yourself with good people. And stop taking life so seriously, is all. Last week, I had just a fun night with my friends and all we did was get poutine, watch walk hard, play "if the balloon hits the floor we all die" and watch outrageous internet videos. And the amount of laughter we had, from just being silly, was awesome and just what we needed.

We are ALL students, we are ALL stressed out and going through stuff, but that doesn't mean we should cut out fun. I think we would fall apart and go crazy without a little good hearted fun. I know this because of how amazing I felt when I finally allowed myself to have some fun. I am not perfect, I do take life way to seriously sometimes.. But I can see how flawed thinking like that is, and I just, I want to live more free and I want you all to do the same.

My new motto in life, and this is something my parents have been trying to drill into me for years, is that we are never too old to be having fun. Do what you want, as long as what you are doing is not *that* illegal, and more important, as long as what you are doing doesn't hurt someone else. Fun isn't that fun if you are hurting others while doing it.

I hate to close this blog post with titanic, but I am going to anyway. Like Jack Dawson says.. Life is a gift, and I don't intend on wasting it. You don't know what hand you're gonna get dealt next. You learn to take life as it comes at you... to make each day count. You don't know what is going to come at you next, but if you are open to it, and ready to face change - you will be happy and free.

Don't forget about your responsibilities, but just don't let your responsibilities consume who you are. Like I said, we all go through things, you are not alone in your stress - so stop being so serious all the time, and take a break once in a while. You will thank me later.

Have fun. Be fun! Most importantly: do what makes you feel good inside.

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  1. Loved this post Baby Girl - You go and LIVE IT!!