Monday, March 26, 2012


I find myself being reaaaaally annoyed with the whole bragging about being a 90's kid thing.

If you were born in 1999.... you are only like 11. You are NOT a 90's kid. At all. Why does someone in 2000 have less common sense than someone born in 1999? That is so outrageous.

To be a 90's kid I think you have to had been born between like '86 and '93 ish, because anything after that - you were a BABY through the rest of the 90's, and didn't get to appreciate any of the really great stuff about it. And you are probably like, 14 and have a cell phone already.

See, I don't even brag about being a 90's kid, or even call myself a 90's kid.. but I remember some awesome stuff. Like sailor moon. And my nap time was ALWAYS the same time as price is right, because my babysitter needed that hour to watch bob barker. And how good the cartoons were... like remember one saturday morning? or DOUG? Rugrats? MARY KATE AND ASHLEY MOVIES? le sigh.

And playing jump rope and learning to double dutch, or seeing who could get the highest count on their skip-it. Or pogs.. I never was into them but my brothers were, and so I collected some SWEET pochahontas pogs.

Like for me, I do think the 90's kids were the last cohort to really live a simple childhood. No technology REALLY, like internet was basically non-existant in the common household for a long time. I remember setting my first email up in like 1999, and it was something along the lines of "".

Just a rant, but like. Why are we bragging about the year we are born anyway? We can't control the kind of society and technology we are born into. The people growing up and doing the best that they can do. And don't you think that if there was internet in the 80s and 90s there would be memes and pictures saying "if you were born from 1980-1989, then you are the last generation with common sense?"

Don't you think that in a couple of years 2000 kids are going to start making fun of 2010 kids? It is now going be a cycle. A stupid cycle, because you can't change anything about when you were born...

And don't get me wrong, yes. Some stuff from the 90's is golden, and will always be golden. But that doesn't make a person better just because they grew up when it happened. Some stuff from the 2000s are golden too. Just like some stuff from EVERY generation is going to be amazing. Appreciate what you had, and don't put other people down because they didn't get to be there when it happened. Those idiots, not being born 10 years earlier!

Thats just what we do as humans. Us, and our cohorts, are ALWAYS the best. Anything that comes after, is just lame....


  1. I agree. I was born in 2000, and I really want to punch whoever is writing stuff about "Rugrats." and having more common sense than "this generation." Like that last picture says "We are the kids from the 90s." I've seen plenty of Disney films, I can't STAND to watch "Disney channel" because it's a load of crap, thus meaning I don't watch this, "Wizards of Waverly Place." but I've gotten up in the morning and watched, "Sabrina the Teenage Witch." I've seen the Nightmare Before Christmas millions of times. I love Harry Potter, and anyway, Harry Potter isn't of the "90s age." It goes from 1997 to 2007 (the books) And "Interview with a Vampire." is one of my favorite movies. Twilight? GTFO, even people in 90s like that stuff (though I can't stand it -barf-)And so what if 90s kids were the last generation with the number "one"? It just marks the end of the millennium. :/ I'm not judging anyone born from the 90s, or the 2000s, or the 2010s, or from the 40s! I'm just giving in my opinion, and how I agree completely with you. :O I wrote a lot. Oh, my!

    1. If you were born in 2000 you are a 00s kid.
      I was born in 1989 so I am a 90s kid and the 90s was the best decade ever. The toys, the cartoons, the music and so on. The decade was magical. Someone born in the late 90s or early 00s who didn't experience it will never understand how awesome those years were and just think its us being ignorant and stuck up, but being 5-9 in those years i can say it left a big mark on me. Plus, we actually played outside all the time and had imaginations. I have a little sister born in 2001 and she is so consumed by technology its unbelievable. When I was her age (early 00s), we didn't have all that technology, or Facebook or You tube, so we spent our childhoods with innocence. We weren't so spoiled and actually grew up respecting our parents and were grateful for what we got.My sister is so spoiled and disrespectful, just like so many other 00s kids. Plus, it was nickolodeon and disneys best decade. So 90s kids had a better childhood than 00s kids.

    2. honestly, I don't really like you very much. basically what you're saying is that, since I was born in '99 I am a spoiled ignorant idiot who should be put down because I didn't get to experience the best decade ever. 2 words. absolutely offensive. so what if I'm a '00s kid. it doesn't mean I had a worse childhood than '90s kids, (which you actually said in your comment.) well I'll tell you something I am NOT a spoiled brat. In your comment, you called '00s kids spoiled. yet another offensive comment, might I add. I DO respect my parents. I DO live with innocence. I cannot tell you how much your comment disgusts me. I honestly feel dissed and put down.

  2. I was born in 1993 and I have to agree. I remember spending 90% of my free time outside with my neighbors. We couldn't wait for it to get dark on a summer night so we could play flashlight tag. During the day while waiting for the dark we played capture the flag. We went to the empty lot across the street and played baseball and tag and just every thing we could think of. We didn't sit inside playing video games or watching tv all the time. Yes we watched our Saturday morning cartoons but as soon as those were over we were outside. In the winter we were outside all dressed up in our snow pants and coats to build snow forts and snowmen and make snow angels, not sitting inside watching tv trying to stay warm. Now we have all this technology and it is consuming our lives. We are more worried about updating our facebook status then we are about just going outside and doing something or if someone is going outside it's wait I need to up date facebook, "going to go outside and do whatever be back later bye facebook". when people are going to bed "goodnight facebook". i said goodnight to my friends when i was called to come inside because it was getting late. The best part of my night was when someone knocked on my door and my dad hollered to my sister and me, "it's (insert name's here) they want to know if you want to play flashlight tag.
    In 2000 I was 7 years old I didn't have a cell phone or my own computer. I had a home phone and computer sitting in the kitchen. I dont even remember when we got internet but again it was one computer and you had to plug it into the phone line to use the internet so you couldn't be on very long. you were tying up the phone line.
    the 90's were the best and the only people who get upset about this whole 90's stuff is anyone born after 1999 and the people born in 1999 don't even understand it, i don't think anyone after at the most 1995 could really get how wonderful the 90s truly were!