Tuesday, March 20, 2012

my report on my new years resolution

YO! So I made A LOT of new year "resolutions" back in January, too many to go through each and every single one.. but I am going to do a quick little recap on how I am doing so far... It is March 20th.. almost 1/4 of the year is DONE already! Holy moly!

So I said I wanted to grow my hair.. I know my hair is still short but its not AS short?

I also limited my McDonalds consumption to just THREE times a year.. and guess what? Still haven't had it yet! I think when I DO get mcdonalds it will be for breakfast and a mcflurry. Because I am vegetarian now so that leaves me with very few options.

I am still not Taylor Swift NOR am I a dinosaur, so that kind of sucks.

I think it is ridiculous that my brother dale hasn't let me wax his chest hair yet... he is coming to visit on friday though, and I might have a surprise for him hehehehe (kidding... or am i?)

And now that it is glorious out I take Frank for walks upwards of 4 times a day! It is so lovely, we both enjoy it so much! And I also have taught him awesome tricks. He knows "sit" "down" "paw" "other paw" "up" (stands on hind legs) and "bang!" .... PRETTY IMPRESSIVE! we are working on teaching him "put em up!" and have him put his paws up, and then go "bang!" and shoot him down. hes done it a few times, its insanely cute.

And I emphasized that I wanted to "be happy" and I can truly say I am. That doesn't mean that I am everyday, because that is just unrealistic, we all get stressed. But overall, I am SO happy. I think that is thanks to my amazing family, my ridiculous puppy and my roommates and friend group. I am so lucky to have everyone that I have in my life IN MY LIFE and I wouldn't ever go back or change a thing!

So far, so good! Can't wait to see what the next 3/4 has to bring :)

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  1. I have never had a Big Mac or a McFlurry & I probably never will. Uncle Brian died proud of the fact that he never had Kraft dinner. Strange bunch we are.