Thursday, March 1, 2012


Well, it is my favourite little teen star's birthday today.. So what better way to wish him a happy birthday than to post it on the interweb on my blog? RIGHT? RIGHT!

Well, I love you Justin. And I actually do. I first fell in love with you after I saw a video of you performing at a really small venue where you stopped mid-song to tell some fan girls to back up and stop pushing. I just thought that was so adorable and cocky and just, different, and so I started to listen to your stuff.

This was 2009, people. Before he released any albums. Before he had more than 1 single out. When he only had like 200,000 followers on twitter. (now he is at what? A BILLION?) And he followed me in october of 2009 - and my fake band. I am one of very few people who can say that they had the fever before having bieber fever was a well known thing. I liked him before it was "funny" to like him.. He was my boy, and I really did watch his career boom. And yeah, I am proud to say that!

But seriously. I like you. And I like that you are FINALLY 18.

Because now it is less creepy and statutory rape-y when I say I wanna have sex with you.

But really, happy birthday to a kid from Canada who worked his butt off to get where he is. No matter what you say about him, you gotta give him props. That kid knows what he is doing, and boy can he sing! So hopefully people can lay off of him for one day and give him a little credit on his birthday.

ps - how ADORABLE do me and Justin look as a couple??? Right???

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