Tuesday, March 13, 2012

bread gloves?!?!?!

Has anyone seen this infomercial? IS IT EVEN REAL?

I guess that I could youtube it and figure out how these work... but currently I am too obsessed with the idea of putting on gloves and making a sandwich and then EATING YOUR OWN HANDS. I just don't get how it could work any other way.

And also.. the slogan is "make anything into a sandwich".. well yeah, you can do the same thing with NORMAL bread? Ya know? Like.. you don't need bread in the shape of gloves to turn jello or a puppy into a sandwich.. you could easily do that with country harvest.. I just don't get it.

Who out there sees this ad or the commercial and goes "YEAH! I could really use gloves that are also bread in order to make everything I see into a sandwich. And then eat my hands." Makes no sense to meh!

That being said.. I could really go for a nice sourdough hand.

Naw mean?

1 comment:

  1. Kels, haven't you been to a baby shower where they serve "finger" food?? Made with hearts of "palm". "Thumbs up" to this product. I'll stop now.