Saturday, March 31, 2012

because you can't have a rainbow...

Rain is so strangely comforting.. why is that?

In my search of rain pictures, there were a few pictures with words like "I don't always like the rain, but when I cry, it cries with me", or "let the rain fall down and wake my dreams", or "The rain makes me feel less alone."

Why is that? What is this bond that we feel with rain, that makes us feel so vulnerable and yet so comforted? There is something so beautiful and yet so sad about a rainstorm, and I think we can all relate to that.

But you know what I think it is? I think it is that rain gives us all a little kick of hope. We have days where our lives feel a little "rainy".. and sometimes we can let the rain get the best of us. But we know it can get better? Why? Well, you know what they say:

you can't have a rainbow without a little rain...

Friday, March 30, 2012

Want to impress (clueless) people?

Okay. Say you are going to a black light party, or even a bar where the theme is something to do with black lights....

Do exactly what I say:

So, I recently decided that gin and tonics are insanely delish. But guess what else? TONIC WATER GLOWS UNDER BLACK LIGHT. It has something to do with the ingredients, I guess, something like quinone or something. But it glows, and I mean, it really glows.

So, step one to being impressive:

just carry around a gin and tonic, and don't tell a SOUL what it is. At the bar me and my friend Kelsey had quite a few people approach us and ask what the heck we were drinking, and they were amazeeed. (I mean, we were too).

Step two:
Ask for the gin and tonic with the tonic on the side (if you are at the bar) orrr if you are at a party just carry around a can of tonic at all times. Then, when people are drinking their lame drinks - like cranberry vodkas, help em out a bit and throw a dash of tonic in their drinks. You can seriously watch the tonic move through the drink in this glowing fashion and it is actually the coolest thing ever.

Maybe most of you already knew about this. But I am a noob, and this is by far my favourite discovery. Have fun with it, ya'll! But that picture isn't even an exaggeration.. that is WHAT it looks like, so so so cool!

Thursday, March 29, 2012

What my mom thinks of me......

background info: I decided to call my mom up and tell her some VERY exciting news I just received. We talk often, so getting a call from me isn't out of the ordinary.. but rarely do I have news that I am this ecstatic about.

Kelsey: MOM! Guess what?

Mom: What?

Kelsey: No, you have to TRY to guess. It is the best and most exciting news in the WORLD for me, you are going to die! I'm dying!

Mom: You got a job?!?!

Kelsey: uh, no.


Kelsey: uh, no.

Mom: Well then frankly, I don't know.

Kelsey: .......

And at this point, it didn't matter what my news was.. because no, I am still jobless, and still boyfriendless.... and clearly, that is all my mom thinks could possibly be exciting in my life...


But seriously.. I mean, my fault. My exciting news had no context and we had never talked about anything like it before, so asking her to guess was really outrageous.. I know my mom loves me and is proud of me no matter what I do. But I think maybe she would be SLIGHTLY more proud if I had a job and boyfriend. Classic.

Tuesday, March 27, 2012

love your boobs, love yourself.

This is not a post about boobs and how fabulous boobs are. This is a post about loving yourself. And believe it or not, for girls, boobs are one of the biggest sources of self consciousness. No matter what kind of boobs we are dealt, we hate them. Too small. Too big. Too round. Not round enough. They are these things that prevent us from feeling totally good and confident about ourselves. WHY?

I remember growing up and being soooo little and trying to make my boobs look big. I was as flat as any boy, because I was like 8, but I thought if I sucked in my stomach and popped my ribs out - well, I thought my ribs looked like boobs. So weird. But all the celebs, and even in cartoons, they all had boobies... and why didn't I have any? I know I am not alone here, me and my best friend growing up used to do this all the time.

And then we grow up, and we actually get real boobies. And it is the worst thing that could ever happen to us. There are MONTHS of self consciousness and attempts to conceal them in every way imaginable (I think I wore a vest every day for at least 6 months). But the thing is, is that boobs change for s really long time. You might think you are okay with your boobs one day, and then the next they have grown an entire cup size. I swear that my boobs exploded from an A.. which I was for a really long time.. to a D overnight. It was out of control and I hated it. I hated it for so long. I never wore anything that showed off my boobs. I was so jealous of anyone that COULD do that.. I just dreamed of breast reductions and minimizing bras. My boobs, which are just one part of an entire body, made me feel unsexy.

And that is the problem. We feel really bad about our boobs. But over the years I have grown into this person who can look REALLY objectively at herself. And this has helped me so much to realize that my boobs, well, they are fabulous. And that YOUR boobs are fabulous. And that, no boob is perfect. The boobs we see on celebrities or in porn - well most of the time those are real, so that isn't a very fair way to judge your own set. You get what you get, so why not be happy with them? BOYS LOVE BOOBS. Pretty much any boobs. So why wouldn't you love your own?

See, when I said "love your boobs, love yourself I understand that that miiiight be a little bit of a stretch. But you can apply it to anything. Your nose, your chin, your legs, your butt, etc... If you have a problem with that body part - you will never be able to love it. Even if you work out madly or get plastic surgery, you will never be happy.. because you will never be able to look at yourself and say "My legs, they might not look like Miley Cyrus's but they are MY legs, and they are beautiful." Self love doesn't come from being "perfect".. self love comes from being able to look at yourself and appreciate everything your body does for you, and how unique it is to you. And that is something that really is special, why would you ever want to trade that?

I swear, and this is PURELY anecdotal. But I swear that when you reach the point where you can look at your least favourite body parts, like me and my boobs, and appreciate them and how wonderful they are - you will stop obsessing and you will get this insane confidence that is just so magnetic. Maybe before you thought you were unsexy because you had crappy boobs that were crap, but maybe it was just because you carried yourself in this unconfident way. You can't expect other people to love you if you aren't even able to love yourself - right? Confidence is sexy. Just like every body is sexy, if you let it be.

And there will be times where we are definitely going to feel unconfident and unsure about something in our body, but that doesn't mean YOU need to feel unconfident about who you are. As Dr. Seuss would say: “Today you are You, that is truer than true. There is no one alive who is Youer than You.” That really is something so special, that we all need to cherish. Stop trying to be someone else, when you could be YOU.

Screw flaws and self doubt! We are all beautiful.

Monday, March 26, 2012


I find myself being reaaaaally annoyed with the whole bragging about being a 90's kid thing.

If you were born in 1999.... you are only like 11. You are NOT a 90's kid. At all. Why does someone in 2000 have less common sense than someone born in 1999? That is so outrageous.

To be a 90's kid I think you have to had been born between like '86 and '93 ish, because anything after that - you were a BABY through the rest of the 90's, and didn't get to appreciate any of the really great stuff about it. And you are probably like, 14 and have a cell phone already.

See, I don't even brag about being a 90's kid, or even call myself a 90's kid.. but I remember some awesome stuff. Like sailor moon. And my nap time was ALWAYS the same time as price is right, because my babysitter needed that hour to watch bob barker. And how good the cartoons were... like remember one saturday morning? or DOUG? Rugrats? MARY KATE AND ASHLEY MOVIES? le sigh.

And playing jump rope and learning to double dutch, or seeing who could get the highest count on their skip-it. Or pogs.. I never was into them but my brothers were, and so I collected some SWEET pochahontas pogs.

Like for me, I do think the 90's kids were the last cohort to really live a simple childhood. No technology REALLY, like internet was basically non-existant in the common household for a long time. I remember setting my first email up in like 1999, and it was something along the lines of "".

Just a rant, but like. Why are we bragging about the year we are born anyway? We can't control the kind of society and technology we are born into. The people growing up and doing the best that they can do. And don't you think that if there was internet in the 80s and 90s there would be memes and pictures saying "if you were born from 1980-1989, then you are the last generation with common sense?"

Don't you think that in a couple of years 2000 kids are going to start making fun of 2010 kids? It is now going be a cycle. A stupid cycle, because you can't change anything about when you were born...

And don't get me wrong, yes. Some stuff from the 90's is golden, and will always be golden. But that doesn't make a person better just because they grew up when it happened. Some stuff from the 2000s are golden too. Just like some stuff from EVERY generation is going to be amazing. Appreciate what you had, and don't put other people down because they didn't get to be there when it happened. Those idiots, not being born 10 years earlier!

Thats just what we do as humans. Us, and our cohorts, are ALWAYS the best. Anything that comes after, is just lame....

Friday, March 23, 2012

Why I DON'T believe in Karma

First, an anecdote:

The other day I was taking my puppy for a walk. And this may be TMI, but he has a very predictable bowel. He goes in the morning on our first walk, and then he goes again right before bed. Like clockwork. So it was the afternoon, so I didn't expect him to go or anything, so I didn't bring a baggie. BUT. Shit happens, and Frank ended up taking a nice big dump.

Worst, right?

But I don't think it's right to leave a pile of dog poo on someone's yard, so I walked home with Frankie, grabbed a plastic bag, went back to his mess, and scooped it up. Good for me right? The cosmic dog-poo karma Gods are on my side after this right?


As I am walking BACK home.. in the middle of the ROAD in my townhouse complex, I step in a GIANT pile of dog poo. Like this was a BIG DOG'S poo. 4x the size of anything Frank could ever produce.


True story.. but really, I haven't believed in Karma for a long time. I always just thought of it as an almost cop-out, an easy explanation for a difficult world.

When I was younger, I was grumpier. And it seemed like everything bad happened to me. And then, as I grew up, I got happier, and for some reason it seemed like everything went my way. It would be easy to say that this was because of karma... but, I don't think thats a good explanation.

When you are happy, and feeling good, you are CONTAGIOUS. People want to be around you, and people want to help you. That's why it seems like good things happen to you. You WORK for them, and you make them happen. It isn't due to some outside force, it is all on YOU. I think this might actually be called the Law of Attraction. But that makes a lot of sense to me.

And when someone is a bitch, or a grump, and then bad stuff happens to them.. that isn't karma, either. 1 - people don't want to help out grumps/bitches. 2 - bad stuff, like say deaths or falling in public, happen to everyone. But for some reason when a bad thing happens to a bitch, we blame it on karma - that that person got what they deserved. But when a bad thing happens to a good person, we talk about how unfair it is and how they didn't deserve it and how everything happens for a reason.


Bad things happen. And we seem to feel the need to GIVE them a reason. Shit happens, and life is all about dealing with shit that happens. Bad things happen to everyone, regardless if you are a good or bad person. If say, someone you hates fall in public - we say its because of karma. If your best friend falls in public - its just bad luck and is usually hilarious. THEY BOTH FELL. SAME THING HAPPENED TO THEM! WHY DO WE HAVE TO GIVE A COSMIC KARMA REASON FOR IT?!

Karma won't GET you. Bad luck might, but that gets everyone. What goes around, only comes around if you let it. However, good things will come to you if you bring good things to the world. So, go out and radiate love!

Thursday, March 22, 2012

Frankie Through the Years (months)

Okay. This is not only going to be adorable.. but kind of crazy! He has changed SO much over the few months of his life! Enjoy .. I hope you don't die from a cuteness overload ;)

see, still cute.. just a lot more, SCRUFF!