Thursday, February 9, 2012

with vs without makeup


Every time I see those tabloids while checking out at the grocery stores, it just pisses me right off. Because all this time I believed they were beautiful, and then I see how HIDEOUS all the celebrities really are without makeup! Like, I feel so cheated.


But it does piss me off when I see them. Because most of the time the celebs are still pretty without makeup (granted, there are some fugly celebs out there *cough*maria shriver*cough*), and they really don't look that different without makeup on. But the paparazi manage to capture them like mid-sneeze or something, and they post the most hideous pictures of the celebrity without makeup. In shitty lighting too most of the time. And then they contrast it with a picture of the celebrity in perfect lighting, with perfectly done makeup and smiling pretty.

No shit they look better in the picture with makeup.

It is especially awful when they do it to teen stars. Like oh my god, poor miley. She looks AWFUL in the one picture, but that is an AWFUL picture. Holy crap. But this is basically telling her, and all her YOUNG fans, to always wear makeup because shes ugly without it (and thus, the fans are ugly without makeup too).

Like I get why these magazines sell, because it makes the average person feel like the celebs aren't as perfect and glorious as they thought and allows us normals to feel better about ourselves. But really? Do you feel that much better after looking at an unflattering angle of a celebrity who just so happens to not be wearing makeup? I don't.

There needs to be way less emphasis on makeup making a celeb pretty or not. And same with the whole "beach bod" thing. Like I look shitty when I am bending over trying to pick up a pretty shell TOO. EVERYONE DOES. Unless you are flawless like Jessica Alba or something, you will have a roll. Whatever.

Like. Check this out.

Omg! Kelsey Edwards, you might thiiiiink she looks nice when she wears makeup and is in great lighting and has a little help with photo enhancing:

but like, YOURE WRONG. look at this.
we found a picture of her without makeup. and underneath all that makeup,
she is actually so UGLY.

lol, like fuck off. thats not fair and ya'll know it. so don't buy into the celeb crap!

(ps no anon hate plz. ill delete it. im not saying im hawt. im saying that a good picture and a good angle and good lighting makes a huge difference. you wouldnt say im totally ugly fo reals because of the 2nd picture, so why would you judge a celeb from one bad picture. thats all. just trying to make the point hit home. ya know?)


  1. LOL @ MILEY. But this is such a good blog. Wise girl.

  2. good points, those airbrushed mags at the checkouts need to come with a label stating they contain 98% fiction in stories & photos.