Wednesday, February 8, 2012

Why I Decided To Be A Vegetarian

First of all, let me just put this out there - I am NOT, in anyway, trying to convince you to also be a vegetarian. I have a blog, and so with this blog I choose to blog about my life. Maybe offer some advice here and then.. but right now, I am just merely explaining WHY I went vegetarian, not why you should! :)

I was a "vegetarian" in high school, for about 3 weeks. I thought it would be cool, and help me to lose weight. I was all "meat is murder" but I didn't really mean it. It was just something to do. That whole attempt was half hearted and meant nothing.

And since then, I have been a meat eater, and LOVED it. Well, certain meats. I don't like pork chops or steak or turkey or chicken wings that much. Or fish, fuck fish. And... when I cooked meat myself, it had to either be prepared and only requiring oven, or in pre-cooked form. So basically I was eating like stuffed chicken breasts, chicken fingers, precooked bacon and chicken strips.. Nothing that looked raw. Ever. Because it made me sick and no matter how cooked I would make it, all I could imagine is chomping down onto that raw and gooey flesh. Barf. But if someone else cooked it, total fair game.

Even writing that down makes me feel hypocritical.

But anyway. I had no real problem with that. Unttttil my monday night night class - the implications of Darwinism. The topic that night was "Humans vs Non-humans".. so of course, the subject made its way toward eating other animals. There were videos of animal torture shown.. and then the discussion started, about whether or not we should be eating meat. I, of course, had something to say:

"Of COURSE we should eat meat. Every other animal eats meat, so for us to stop just because we feel bad about it makes no evolutionary sense. Frogs eat flies, sharks eat fish. Most species do it, so why would we stop?"

And like, good point kelso. But then someone brought up that YEAH thats a good point, but the other animals are able to kill and prepare their own kills and eat what they kill. Eat the meat when they need it. And then I thought about how I can't even touch raw meat, yet alone would I be able to KILL alive meat... They also brought up how we so isolate ourselves from the fact that what we are eating is an animal, like a cow is called "beef", and a pig is called "pork", and a baby cow is called "veal".

And also, earlier I made a comment about my 6 dogs and how hilarious they are and how they all have personalities and scheme against each other and work as a team (as a point that there is a lot more to dogs than we think) and people kept making comments like "and we have no problem eating a cow, but what if we ate one of kelsey's dogs" .... plz dont, frankie wouldn't be a cute burrito like that doggy up there. :(

And so I was just like, well shit. I am the worst. But whatever, I love me some precooked chicken strips so w/e. Then I texted Brooke and told her all about it and she was all "ew thats true." but w/e. And it was. w/e.

Until... I went to cook a stir fry, and was out of precooked chicken. And I remembered "oh yah! i bought (raw) beef chunks a few months when they were on sale! perf!" I'll just defrost these... wait wait wait... oh look at all that bloody goo.... well, shit, I definitely will not enjoy my meal if this is a part of it. *throws in garbage* And then I just substituted lentils in my stir fry, and it was really filling and great.. and I tweeted a picture and my sister thought it looked AWESOME, which it was (see.. take a look for yourselves), and then we decided to go veggie.

So here we are, and I am actually loving it. After the initial hate I felt initially, which made no sense because I didn't even eat that much meat... But yeah, feeling good. I am eating WAY healthier too. I did not eat nearly enough veggies before anyway, so this is a great way to kind of force that to happen. But my meals are so balanced (because they have to be) and I can tell this is going to be a great journey for me!

And I am not here to judge anyone who does eat meat. Me and my roommate Dylan joke all the time (partly because he doesn't think I am going to stick with it) about me being all offended and "meat is murder"-esque. Like every time he has some meat with his meal I am like "Dylan, as a vegetarian, I am completely OFFENDED". But really, I do not care if you eat meat, and I have no right to judge you because of it. I believe you should never force lifestyle changes onto anyone but yourself. Who am I to judge? (ps LOLZ at that picture, sums it up perfectly)

Anyway! If you were curious WHY, that is why.


  1. Honestly, when I read this, I'm not completely sure that you're truly inspired to be a vegetarian for the right reasons... if anything, it sounds like just a lame excuse to write a blog about some bold life choices for views... leading me to believe Dylan is most likely right, there's no way you'll stick to this.

  2. if I am becoming a vegetarian for the wrong reasons.. then you are posting on my blog for very (condescending) wrong reasons. I even gave a disclaimer at the beginning saying this isn't for anyone, but me, and that this is what I want to do. I said that this is my blog, and this is for my life, so why shouldn't I blog about it? I made this choice a week ago and decided not to blog about it for a few days because I wasn't sure how serious I was about it. But I am. This is what I want, and my reasons are legitimate, just as they would be legitimate to choose to eat meat. This is my life. And it is going to stick, it isn't even a big bold life change for me, as I said... I didnt even post all my reasons, but there isn't a right or wrong reason to become vegetarian. So what if it doesn't stick? Who are you to judge me? sorry that this "big life choice" has offended you so much.

  3. and if you read my blog, can i please refer you to my "anonymous" post.

  4. After reading your comment ann, I have lost faith in people. Your post had no purpose other than making my sister feel like garbage. Bravo. I don't understand why people feel like they always need to say something. I know my mother taught me if you don't have anything nice to say don't say it at all. But some people feel like they need to be right all the time, and they feel good by putting others down. It is your own decision to become a vegetarian or even decide something like you never want to eat oranges again and you don't even NEED to justify it. Maybe I don't want to eat oranges because they're ugly.. Are you going to say I'm not eating oranges for the right reasons?


  6. You don't need a million fucking reasons in life to do something you want to do. If you want to do something then obviously you want to fucking DO IT. who cares about the fucking reasons.
    - on a side note a thought your reasons were perfectly fine, good for you.
    and fuck that anonymous person.

  7. Hey Kels,
    I hope this works for you, if it doesn't then it doesn't. At least you have a goal and have set out to do what you believe is the right thing. It's great to hear that you're not against others that still do choose to eat meat. Only one thing I would like to mention is to make sure you do not neglect yourself from proteins, as I'm sure you won't since you are an intelligent young lady. Especially if you continue to go to the gym and be active. Otherwise you may not see improvements that you would like or even possibly see negative changes. Unless, you are happy with how you look, which, In my opinion you should be. Don't let "anonymous" get you down.
    - Jonathon

  8. so my dinner of a bagel followed by hot chocolate and a muffin was bad? :P kidddding (well, not about what I ate... i know it is terrible!) but thanks for the support! I feel really great about it, so I think that means I am doing something right! thanks so much jonathon! and thanks to the hilarious anon up there too!

  9. Kelsey, if you're going to put your life out here, on public view, you're going to have to take the non supportive views along with the praise. Take the gist of the message--anonymous doesn't have faith in you to stick to a project--decide if it has merit, then take an action to learn from it or ignore. I am the queen of defending my position but over the years, it's more live & let live than getting all up in the face of those "know-nothings" who dare to challenge me. Keep your words sweet, cause you never know when you might have to eat them!(from experience!!)

  10. I personally believe that I am allowed to defend myself. Anyone should have that basic human right. However, if you read my post you will see I said NOTHING of the person's moral character. I said it was a condescending comment, which it was, but I did not attack the person. That is more than fair, and anyone has a right to defend themselves. If I get hate, I will reply to it under certain circumstances. I have learned that saying anything of the moral character of the person is not worth it, but this person was questioning my choices... and that is something I can defend. I cant defend someone calling me ugly, or annoying, nor do I want to. But i can do this. I know I went to keep my words sweet because I know that they are a powerful tool. My blog gets 18,000 views a month, I dont know who reads this and I dont want to come across as someone I am not so I wont let anonymous hate bring out anger and attacking.

  11. yay kels!, good for you.. the transition is hard..but really not as hard as I thought. and I was a huuuuge meat eater. I stopped eating meat about 3 months ago (other than the exception of fish every now and then). So I guess I am not a legit "vegetarian" ...but who cares about the label?.. seriously..just do it for yourself and any beliefs you have about it. Im eating so healthy, and finding so many tasty recipes with still ALL the essential nutrients that meat can provide. As long as you do it right you will find a very healthy and balanced lifestyle. good luck!
    From one kelsey to another!

  12. The critics in the comments here are being goofy. I hope you don't take it to heart. This blog post was a nice break from the "meat is murder" stuff. While I know I will never become a vegetarian, you gave viable reasons why you personally should be one and then you emphasized that this was a personal choice. I believe that any supporter for either side automatically loses credibility when they try to squash the opposition into one generalized category. "You're all the same and you're INSENSITIVE MURDERERS." "You're all the same and you're NAIVE HIPPIES." Doesn't work, and it's good to see that you didn't go for that tactic.

    So I guess my point is: Thank you for the common sense and the enjoyable read. Again, I hope you don't second-guess writing this post just because of some internet goofs, and I hope your personal decision goes well for you!