Monday, February 6, 2012

tall girl problems

So I REALLY love being tall... It is one of my favourite things about myself. I can't imagine being shorter... And when I see girls who are taller than I am, I actually get kind of jealous. I think tallness is beautiful.. However..

I have a huge fear of wearing heels, because I would probably be about 6 feet tall in them. And I don't know, the difference between 5'9 and 6 feet is huuuge. It makes me so sad because heels are so pretty, and they make your legs and butt look FABULOUS! here are some shoes I am currently drooling over and cursing my height because of. Sigh.

Let's face it.. flats just aren't as fab.


  1. You should rock those heels anyway!! I'm also a tall girl, and heels put me over 6 foot -- but I never get more compliments! Get it girl :)

  2. i'm fuckin 5'11". im taller than all the boys when i put on heels lol you can still wear them tho! i do! i just don't expect any bro to start grinding on me at the kind of a good thing.. lol