Sunday, February 26, 2012

taking those steps

It's funny.. We always seem to think we are so brave in life. But you know what? We might not be as brave as we think we are. Smart? Yes. Brave? Maybe not.

There are things in life that are scary to approach, and so, most of the time - we don't approach them. We avoid. We avoid real good. But because we are so smart, we manage to tell ourselves that we aren't missing anything. That we would never have taken those steps any way. That what we are doing is normal and there is no need to take those steps. We convince ourselves that we are perfectly brave and that is that. We are making the right choice, and there really wasn't any other choice... right?

Sometimes, we want to avoid so much, and we manage to avoid so well, and because we convince ourselves that what we are doing is the right thing - we stop realizing that we start to miss things.

Big things. Small things. Silly things. Regular things. Just, things. Like going to the gym. Or going to your regular bus stop. Or taking a short cut where you know you might run into someone. We just, we don't realize ..

That is, until we have to take them.

And that is when we realize how totally NOT brave we are. A normal thing, like going to the gym, becomes this thing that makes you panic. Shake. Doubt everything you know about yourself. And then your smart little protective part of your brain tries to tell you that you don't need to take these steps, that avoiding is brave... and those are the kind of thoughts that stop us from these things. Whatever kind of things they are... we are halted. We are scared, and we are halted.

However, there will be a part of us telling us that if you don't take these steps that you are being a big ol coward, and you are missing out on life.

So we take those steps. No matter how terrified we are to take them. Because.. well, there is an even smarter part of our brain that tells us that taking these steps is so worth it in the scheme of things, because if we never take them, we can never know what we are missing.

And our lives will become a big "what if?"

And well, that part of our brain isn't always there for us. And sometimes it never shows up, and we never ever will know what we are missing because we never ever take those steps. Its scary. And it is normal to not want to take those steps. But it is also scary to NOT take the steps. Its just a crazy thing in life that we all go through.

But when we do take them. Its usually so worth it. Because we find out one of two things:

1. Fearing taking those steps was totally warranted, because things are worse. Nothing has been missed by me not taking those steps. And after that realization, you know that you won't take those steps again. And you know that you are not missing anything. You can move on.


2. Fearing taking those steps was totally stupid, because nothing bad happened! All this time was wasted fearing taking those small steps, and all those moments were missed, and for what? Nothing. And after that? You can move on.

Hmm... So maybe number 1 sucks. Maybe number one hurts... but regardless - if you take that step, that scary scary leap that might seem so impossible, the results that come from that step will be the ability to move on.

Hiding from your problems and from your life will not allow you to move forward. It will leave you with so many what ifs. And what kind of life is that? Taking one step might seem like the scariest thing in the world... but regardless what comes from that step, good or bad, you will know the exact answer to those "what ifs" and you will stop asking yourself.

You will move on. In whatever direction that is.. You move on..

And I think that is SO worth the fear.

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