Friday, February 3, 2012

sisters.. they are forever blessed

It is well known that I don't believe in God...
but I do believe in blessings, and I believe they come in the form of sisters.

My sister is my world.

My best friend.

She is the one person I know I can count on, even if it is something annoying, like that time I asked her to pick me up from the police station at 3 am... I know that she will always be there for me. And I mean it in a way that is so much deeper than her doing annoying favours for me.

I know, that no matter what happens, she will be there for me. And she doesn't ever stop and question why. She doesn't even need an explanation. She knows when I am hurting, and that is enough for her to drop everything to be there for me. She never needs me to explain my emotions or what has happened. She understands me on such a deep level that it isn't important to her. It doesn't matter if what happened to make me sad was big or little, or stupid, all that matters is that I am hurting, and she is there.

That kind of love is really hard to come by....

And it means especially lots because I was, admittedly, terrible to her growing up. Me and her never got along for long periods of time. I was that child that demanded all the attention, and I never let Brooke shine in my presence.

Despite that, she has shone. And she has made me so proud.

My sister and me now, for the first time in our lives, get along all the time and finally appreciate how much one means to each other. There is no other person in my life who gets my humour like she does. When we are together, we probably look insane - because we play off of each other's humour so much that it eventually just gets down right ridiculous. And when I make HILARIOUS jokes and no one laughs, I always think to myself "Well if Brooke was here she would get it."

Brooke also makes me feel beautiful. When Brooke compliments me, I know she means it. She is the most honest person in the world. And sometimes I hate that. Like how she doesn't take much of my shit (ie "waaa my heart is broken")... but even despite her eye rolls, she listens if she knows its important for me to get it out.

She is the one person (perhaps other than my parents) who appreciates every little quirk.. She understands me, she knows every flaw. And yet, she still loves me. Its amazing, because people might think they know me, but they don't. Very few people "get" me... Brookie does. And I love being around her... because I don't have to be scared about ever being judged by her. She knows me, REALLY knows me, and despite that - she loves me (REALLY loves me). Sisters give each other the benefit of the doubt. And sisters DO NOT give up on each other.

Brooke brings me back to earth, and back to what is important.

My little sister has made me a bigger person. Really, she has saved me.

She is my rock. My fellow white girl rapper. My partner in vegetarianism. My bffs.

I just hope that she thinks I am half the sister she is, because being half the sister that Brooke is is still a fucking amazing sister. I don't deserve her, I really don't. So this is why she is my blessing. I can't imagine life without you, it definitely would not be as incredible, as laughter-filled...

Screw WWJD. I live by WWBTAT? (what would brooke think about this?)

Love you forever.

Thank you for being the best sister and the best friend that I could ever ask for.

"but tonight.... i'm gunna fryyyyyyyy"

(ps - see, I DO love you more than you love me!!!!!!)


    I'm freaking out
    That was the nicest thing I've ever read in my whole life.
    I'm glad that I can make you feel so happy and I feel the exact same way around you. This past weekend I laughed, like from my heart laughed, more than I have in a while. I know you are always there for me.. I have just been stupid and haven't started using that feature until this year. I can't for reading week and even more adventures in the summer and future.
    Ugh this just made my life I am so happy.

  2. This is a shining family moment that I will treasure always. Talk about being blessed - well - I have the 2 of you. LUCKY LUCKY me. (said in excitement - not shouting....)
    I am just so very proud of my 2 fine and wonderful daughters. You guys are kind. You guys are smart. You guys are important. I love you.