Monday, February 13, 2012

my next tattoos

1. rose tattoo. on my shoulder. this tattoo, to be exact. on my right shoulder (the same side that my unbroken tattoo is on). Roses represent beauty, and love, which (as my one tattoo will tell you) mean a lot to me. Not outward beauty. but the inner stuff. it is just... so beautiful and so pure. and i also like the idea of a rose, because normal roses die. but this one will live on and flourish with me. and emma wants a rose tattoo, and she is my best friend, so it would mean a lot if we both had one (not even the same one, just, you know).

2. An elephant. I think on the back of my neck. Elephants are an incredible animal. To me, they show the world that there is so much more to animals than we give them credit for. They live a lot like humans do, protect their family, hang out in groups, and have the men do all the dirty work (heheheh jk). but the thing that means the most to me is that an elephant never forgets. If you read my blog, you should remember my post about the memory. and really, we are all just elephants. never forgetting. I want something really simple like this:

3. Frankie's paw print. That little guy saved me, in every way. And my other hip bone feels left out, so Paco cant have all the fun (i have my chinchillas paw print inked on me). But Frank is such an important part of my life, so I want so badly to have this. I want his actual paw print. Boom. Frank, although he may be a dog, he is my best friend. I talk to frank like he actually listens, and sometimes I tell him the stuff that is hard for me to tell anyone else.

4. Inner bicep word tattoo. I want a quote and I want it to only be about 5-7 words long.. and I want it on my inner bicep. Right now I am thinking "wild hearts can't be broken" would do a good job of hitting my needs, but also "life doesn't stop for anyone" or simply "it goes on" or "radiate love" or "optimism is better than despair". lots of ideas. need to think about this one for a bit. but i would get it on my left bicep.

5. A matching tattoo with Brookie and my mom. We have been trying for so long to come up with an idea, and we just.. cant. we are all so stuck on what to get, because we want it to be something that means a lot to all of us. I kind of like the idea of a tiny little heart (like miley cyrus's .. seriously, so cute, i love it). or a vintage looking key.. But i am not sure! we all have to agree on it, and agree that it means something for us.

Brooke found this one, which I like quite a lot too:

So... Yep! Those are my ideas right now.. with all of those my tattoo count will be 12! holy moly! but who knows how long it will take to get to that point.. I want to get 1 or 2 this year.. I just love tattoos. I honestly love how they make me look, because they always tell a story - and people want to listen. its just putting a little bit of myself out there, making myself a bit more vulnerable and out there.. and theres a beauty in that kind of vulnerability. I WUV TATTOOS!

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  1. I like your elephant tattoo idea and I actually just put a down payment for the same tattoo and ironicly my name is kelsey too.

    but I love all ur tattoo ideas they're very cute and have ncie meanings behind them.