Wednesday, February 15, 2012

I'm Bringing Sexy "Back"

There is something so sexy about ANYTHING that is backless. It is almost sexier than clevage, because the back is usually so hidden. And to see it so exposed, well, it is just so sexy. But in a class way. I love the wedding dresses that are backless, so scandy and yet so classy. My favourite trend right now, for sure. Are you bringing sexy back?

However, if you are like me.. you are pretty scared to attempt it. Because, I refuse to go braless. Unless it is a TIGHT dress that ensures no boob dropage. At a D-cup, saggy boobs happen (yes even when you are 21). So a backless dress or a backless top, basically says "sorry you cant wear me". Which blows. So I just did some major looking into it, and I guess that there are options for us busty gals! We can drop $50 at Victorias Secret and get that bra over there. It looks kind of strange, but you can see how it would work. There are options like nipple stickers, but when support is your main issue.. something along these lines is best. They have a few options, and brands other than VS do it too, but yeah, there is hope for us! We probably can't go tooooo low, or go with the ones that are ever so flowy and dainty, but hey. Who cares. I am happy just to look at the damn backless clothes. Sigh.

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