Wednesday, February 22, 2012


So, me, giant kelsey - has FINALLY bought herself a pair of high heels. And I know I have shoes with some sort of "heel" (refer to my lesbian boots)... but never have i bought myself a pair of pumps. I am the queen of flats. which has served me just fine.. but i have been dying for a pair of heels...

and not just any heels.. but SPARKLY heels.

However, as I went shopping the past few days, I realized that this goal was not so easily attainable. Because most of the heels that met my sparkly and black criteria looked something like this:

gorgeous, yes, but WAY too high for this chick. and the heel is so skinny.. and that just, that doesnt work for a tall and fall-prone girl who has never owned a pair of heels before. and maybe at some point i can work myself to the point where being 6 feet is acceptable with the help of 4 inch heels.. but for my first pair of heels - i really didnt want to push it. I really needed small heels... but that dream didn't really seem attainable. oh well.

So i assumed I had to give up. because smaller heels DO exist, as i saw in every shoe store, just not in the sparkly type. I assumed it was because if you wanted sparkly heels - you want to go ALL out. which means 4 inch heels. AM I RIGHT? yeah. it sucked.


We decided to go to DSW.. and as I am walking down the isles, i see them - a pair of black sparkly heels.. but like... SMALL heels. so i try them on, and they fit FABULOUSLY, and I am only like 5'11 ish in em! So of course, my heart was set on them right away.

I can't stop gushing about them... They are everything I was searching for (well, maybe I could deal with a little bit less rounded toe.. but HEY I AINT COMPLAINING!).. and they actually look a lot cuter in person, i couldnt find a picture to really do it justice.

But they are by mix no. 6 (a shoe company ive never heard of) and were $40 bucks.. which seems pretty reasonable for black sparkly pumps. a 2.5 inch heel.. and really easy to walk in (which is no small feat for me). They are perfect first time pumps, but even more perfect than I could ever hope for because they are black and they are sparkly and they are MINE.

I can't WAIT to get back to Guelph and dress up with my LADIES in these bad boys! sparkle glitter pretty fun times yay!

So I am pretty proud of my first heels, definitely went a little shy - not feeling brave enough for skinny pumps or for too high of a heel.. next time i might be more brave and go with these? the world's tallest heels! what do you guys think? I guess I could add 9 inches onto my height, right guys? aint nothing wrong with being 6'6? RIGHT? RIGHT? .....


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