Saturday, February 11, 2012


When did I become SUCH a girl. Ugh. I gross myself out at the girliness just ooooozing out of me right now. But I have become obsessed with anything with glitter. I wish I was kidding. I'm at the point where if it sparkles, I stare in admiration at it.

Here is a small collection of gorgeous sparkly and glittery and girly fun time lovely amazing sparkly and pretty and adorabley glittery and sparkly and glittery picture for you to all ogle at.

And! For those who use facebook timeline, these could make for a perfect cover picture
(I even used one of them for my cover picture)!

You're welcome.

But like.. really.. I love these.

And I truly believe potty training would have been way easier if it had been on a sparkly toilet seat.

Just sayin, mom.


  1. perhaps you are not turning into a girly girl, but a magpie. they are very smart birds... just offering alternatives. PS. those are some purrrty shiny pictures. me gusta! <3

  2. i want the red nail polish SO bad!

    1. Not really replying - just commenting. Just sayin, Kelsey - who had sparkly ruby red slippers well before their time.....