Saturday, February 18, 2012

a day in the life: the beatles

For the people that know me, one thing that they might know the most about me - is that I love boy bands. Jonas Brothers... The Biebz... Everyone looks at me and sees a girl who loves boy bands. But those who really know me, know that it started with a really special band - the beatles.

When I was younger, like probably only grade 7, I got hooked after listening to the greatest hits album. And if you thought I loved the Jonas Brothers, you should have seen me with the beatles. But it was even more pathetic, because 1/2 of the band was dead, so every time i watched a documentary or read a book about them - I soobbbeeddd, just knowing that I would never get to experience them as a band in my lifetime. It was just so sad. Still is, really. And my tattoos, 2 of them are due to the beatles.

The Beatles taught me so much about myself, and so much about music. They taught me that all I needed was love. And so many other life lessons. They also helped inspire the name of my blog. The Beatles made me who I am, and I forever hold a sacred place for them in my heart. After I saw Paul McCartney in concert, I sobbed for days. I sobbed when Paul McCartney turned 64.. Because all I could think about was how young he was when he wrote "when I'm 64".

The Beatles taught me to Let it Be. That nothing was going to change my world. Basically any song they have ever released, has taught me something in life. Gosh, they just really ruled the music world. All those songs. All those ORIGINAL songs. What brilliant minds those boys had. All their own lyrics and all their own chords. In 30 more years, people might not remember the Jonas Brothers.. But in 100 more years - people will remember the Beatles. I just, I owe so much to them. And so does pretty much EVERY artist who has come after them. They started a revolution. For music, and more importantly - for love.

The Beatles... The only boy band you can obsess over and NOT get made fun of. The best band to ever come into the music world. My boyfriends. Any artist just desires so hard to reach the level of fame of the beatles - they call bieber's fame "biebermania".. but come on, it will always be beatlemania, and no one could ever compare to that.

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  1. Cool the first blog post I read from you, I came to this from you're photos of the band here while I was/ am researching for a school project. I absolutely agree with you and my names Chelsey and my middle name starts with a "k" so I might've been named Kelsey. Coincidence? Lol