Saturday, January 7, 2012

Why I'm Giving Up McDonalds

I am addicted. And I know it. Even as I was trying to look up scary pictures, the pictures of the big macs and salty fries made me DROOOOOL.

But Anyway.. Here are some of the scariest things about McDonalds: 9/10 kids a month will visit a McDonalds. Obesity. McDonald's fries are flavoured with "unspecified animal products". 37 different ingredients in 1 chicken McNugget. A McDonald's sandwich provides around 2/3rds of your daily sodium needs, mmmmm! It has been speculated that eating mcdonalds actually provides a reaction that is like satisfying a drug fix. Is it even real chicken? McNuggets used to be made out of pink goo, even tho it isn't any more, that is still kind of scary.

And my biggest deterring factors are these pictures:

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