Tuesday, January 17, 2012

there is hope for everyone??

okay. I get how this picture makes certain ugly people feel better.

but like

1 - she is like 10 in the first picture. most 10 year olds are uggo.

2 - she has had MAD plastic surgery

Yes... she is mad hott... I'd consider going lez for her. but seriously? this is stupid. A terrible example of hope. Maybe it should be a poster for plastic surgery, but at the age she is at in the first picture, it isn't even fair. She hasn't even grown into her looks whatsoever. ppl r dum.

just look at this young lassie (I really doubt there is hope for her...)

But really, everyone has ugly childhood photos... I don't think it is fair to say an ugly 14 year old has no hope. Because, sooo much changes. Even as a 21 year old, my looks are changing. My face shape, my teeth.. Everything.. So like, yeah, there is hope for everyone. But that first picture is a very annoying example that bugged me big time.

YOU ARE BOOOTYFUL, wait it out. I promise..

Oh and like.. its whats on the inside that counts and yadayada! So don't worry, even if you look like a young megan fox and shit.


  1. I didn't know she had surgery? Interesting..
    Well you are a qt in that picture, and obviously you're gorg now without plastic surgery. Preach

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