Friday, January 6, 2012

old people

I was just doodling around on we heart it and I came across this picture, and uhm, died. Because this picture actually describes my life. Every time I see an old man, or an old woman, eating along in public.. My heart does this weird thing, and I get a weird feeling in my stomach.

And it makes no sense.

Like why does that happen? Do I have a deep rooted fear of getting old? Or being alone? Or losing a loved one? I have no idea what it is, but it honestly happens every single time.

Me and my mom and sis were talking about this, and its actually pretty stupid to be heartbroken when seeing an elderly person eating alone... Because they are living their life, going out and eating, and that is pretty admirable. They are probably pretty content doing so - and I don't even have the confidence to eat alone in public, so good for them! All they are looking for is probably some good eats and a few smiles.

My mom told me that my Oma's boyfriend actually goes out and eats alone a lot, and I was proud to hear that. But it also reminded me of a hilarious Oma story that I will now share with you:

So. Oma. We went and visited her the other day, and she had a zillion treats in her room. Like chocolates, candies, nuts... errything! And so, she really didn't need any more, and if she did - she could afford it! But we went for a stroll around her rest home and we stopped in the little common room, where you could find some cookies, tea, coffee, and apples. Oma proceeded to grab about 10 cookies and hide them under a towel on her walker... AND THEN SHE GRABS ANOTHER HANDFUL FOR US TO HOARD! hahaha we died. Like, do you really need those cookies Oma? My bet is they go completely uneaten. Classic.

Random, but hilarious.

My Oma - The retirement home cookie hoarder.

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