Wednesday, January 25, 2012

a new new years resolution

First of all, I don't know how I feel about "new years" resolutions. I do think it is a good thing to make resolutions, as these are promises to yourself - and these promises generally mean some sort of enhancement... but I don't like that everyone just seems to give up on them, because "oh it was just a new years resolution."

I think we should be able to make resolutions whenever we want to (and of course we can, it is a free country...). But not enough people do that. So even though I am calling this a new new years resolution, it really is just a resolution.

I resolve to...

Stop wearing so much make up on a day to day basis.

Ever since grade 11, I became a make-up junkie. Seriously, I wore so much. I was slightly emo FOR SURE in grade 11, and toned it down dramatically since then..

but lololol look at that picture! that was me EVERY SINGLE FREAKING DAY! ahhaha. wow.

but I never got used to seeing myself without makeup. It actually makes me really self-conscious to be sans makeup. I even wear it at home when I just wake up, I was my face and put on mascara and eye-liner without fail. and that was me being modest. Most days I would throw on some eyeshadow too, and maybe a cream eyesicle colour to make my eyes "pop". It sounds ridiculous as I type it out, and I am actually kind of embarrassed by this.

I was addicted.. Still am a bit.. But like, I would NEVER go to campus without makeup on.

This picture here, this is just a few months ago.. And this was taken in the morning before I went to class to hand out some flyers for the student life project. And like, I definitely have COATS of mascara on and definitely some eyeshadow action is happening.

I actually have a really great sister, because I can recall several times over the years where I come downstairs without makeup on, and she comments on how pretty I look. And of course, I used to think she was just making fun of me because OBVIOUSLY I looked like garb.

But she was being honest. This is how I look. This is me.

My mother really set it in stone this weekend. I was being dramatic about how crappy I look without makeup and she just stopped and said "Kelsey. You look stunning with makeup, yes. But you look fresh and beautiful without it."

So. The birth of my resolution.

I kind of like it though... Because people will get used to seeing me without it, and then when I do wear it on nights out - I will look way different than my day to day look! :)

Today I am wearing one coat of mascara (because my eyelashes are blonde and that is way too much of a withdrawal if I just went cold turkey!)

Wish me luck :)


  1. you go girl. i went through the same thing with feeling like i needed to wear make up - now, i regularly go without and it really does make such a difference when you do go glam!

  2. looove this idea! your gorgeous, let the world see it!!!

  3. I applaud your resolution. There's nothing wrong with makeup, but it's awesome to be able to see someone's natural beauty.

  4. Fresh and beautiful is such a good way to put it! But you do look a liiiittle cuter in your grade 11 picture ;) hahah I love you. You're beautiful and you don't even try.

  5. I have never seen my sister Dena without make up in 30 years! You are lovely any way you present yourself. It's like Dave said to me years ago, you look like a million bucks as you are, but with make up, you look like 2 million. He's a funny guy.

  6. Sometimes you make me so proud I could just burst. When I read this to Frankie he was so happy - he told me you taste so much better without makeup....

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