Monday, January 9, 2012

I am le embarrassing..

The other night my fam jam was watching Dexter. I was watching too, but I had already seen the entire season so I kept getting up and doing random things...

Well, on the way back to the couch I caught my mirror image in the full length window we have - and I started to do ballet and watched myself. And then, possessed by some force I couldn't control I started to like... Pop it, and booty shake.


And all of a sudden I look toward the couch and brooke is looking at me with this hilarious expression, and I am like a deer in the headlights... and then we both DIE. Like we cannot stop laughing, because I totally thought no one was watching and am MORTIFIED. And brooke just witnessed me being so lame and embarrassing.

Then my mom goes, "Why are you girls laughing so hard."

Brooke. "Well mom. Kelsey was dancing like no one was watching. But I was watching. Oh yes, I was watching."

FML. I am so cool.

Moral of the story: Be sure that you are alone when dancing like no one is watching.


  1. Cool Story Kelsey!

  2. wow thats really funny and unique. oh wait....