Tuesday, January 10, 2012

HOLY CRAP, GUYS!!!!!!! 1000!!!!!!

Remember how I said it was my goal within 2012 to get 1000 blog views in one day? Well I was expecting this to happen in like... March earliest. But no. You guys are friggen amazing, and it happened today - January 10th 2012.

I actually feel as though I am thiiiiiis close to crying. Just, wow. My everything goes into this blog and its getting so many views. 1000 views is more than I got last May TOTAL. Holy crap.

1000 views in one day.

I just can't even.. wow. This is an amazing feeling. People from around the mother friggen WORLD are reading my blog.. seeing what this "just another kelsey" girl is writing about.

Thank you. Just, thank you.

And to the person who constantly comments mean stuff... You won't bring me down. You think that the hate is going to hurt me? Because it doesn't ... The amount of encouragement I have received makes it SO worth it. Just so worth it.

But anyway. Thanks to everyone who makes doing this so worthwhile :)

1000 guys!!!!!!!

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