Tuesday, December 6, 2011

why coffee is awesome

did you know that the word coffee used to be the word for wine? Two of the best beverages in the world have something more than deliciousness in common!

It is also the second most traded commodity in the WORLD (runner up after oil... what is it with black liquid things that make the world go round? hmm?)

And guess what else?

Coffee drinkers around the world REJOICE:

I just read that if you drink coffee heavily, your diabetes risk is cut in HALF. Type 2 diabetes, of course. Sooo... See ya later, diabetesator!! (alligator... get it?)! It has to do with your metabolism being raised when you drink coffee or something, but whatever, to be completely honest I don't even care how it works - I just care that it works! Now I can eat oodles of chocolate and sugar and lard and not even have to worry about diabetes when I get older, because I am a coffee drinker! Awesome, eh?? AND NOTE. If you are thinking this applies to your caramel cappuccino with extra whip... you are seriously mistaken. I am talking about the straight up java you make in a pot, with no sugar added (because you are just undoing everything that has to do with diabetes... right?) So yeah, don't use this as an excuse to indulge your starbucks fantasies.

And despite popular belief, coffee does hydrate you. k? Just too much can act as a diareutic. which means you need to replenish yourself (with more coffee?) whoops.

Coffee also makes you prettier and more popular.

It also gives you studying superpowers. Which is why I am spreading the love of coffee to yall, because it is the time of year where we need these superpowers more than ever!!

DRINK UP! (And I am referring to coffee in both its modern day sense and its old fashioned sense... your choice!)

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