Wednesday, December 7, 2011

why are we so mean?

We are a mean mean species. And to be completely honest, it has gotten to the point where I can hardly take it anymore. I have become so jaded, and at 21 - this is a problem. People are so willing to throw each other under the bus, and that is just awful. I think I get so upset about this, because I really (despite what you may think) could never do that. I would have your back in an instant if you needed it. If you are willing to reach out, I am willing to be there.

It disgusts me how most people are the opposite. When someone is having a weak moment or is totally vulnerable, people will notice - and instead of helping them out, they pounce on their opportunity to destroy the person. It is awful, and I have seen it happen way too many times.

Jealous is a huge problem these days.

Me and my most wonderful friend Haley were talking about this the other day, and we came to the conclusion that girls are the worst. They get so jealous, all the time. And what they do is so awful to each other. Girls ruin friendships all the time because of jealousy. Oh, I got what you wanted because I worked for it so you are going to hate me for it? That is fine. But what is worse is that most people won't stop there. If one girl hates another girl, she will gather up all her friends and she will do anything to bring that girl down.

Terrible, right? It happens though, a lot.

And illogical. What me and Haley (well, mostly Haley) concluded was that this is the complete opposite of what should happen. When you are jealous of someone you will OBVIOUSLY feel those feelings of inferiority. And yeah, those feelings friggen suck. That is why most people start bullying. However, wouldn't it make more sense to spend time getting to know that person - seeing what they do to get those characteristics or things you are jealous of?

I don't know...

I always thought it was so cliche when people would say "she hates me because shes jealous".. (like look at that picture, preeettttttyyyy ridiculous) and that was because most of the time I would see this shit is when girls were BITCHES. That was why she hated you. Not because she was jealous but because you were kind of a dick. But growing up and dealing with some of the stuff I have dealt with, I have learned that jealousy really is the root of a lot of girl drama. And maybe it leads to some crazy stuff, and maybe a bitchy remark is what can set off the jealousy-induced feelings.. but yeah, jealousy sucks.

I am just really tired of seeing so much hate towards good people just because they have things and characteristics that they probably worked their asses off to get. Jealousy is something people will never get rid of, it is an emotion that is here to stay. However, handling your jealousy at a mature level is something I think A LOT of people need to learn .. because bringing someone down won't get you where you want to go.