Saturday, December 17, 2011

Me + Frankie = Forever

Okay, so in like slightly more than 24 hours - I, Kelsey Edwards, will be in Jamaica. Probably soaking up the sun, and even more probably will have a drink in hand. So I can't get even more excited. I haven't been on a tropical vacation in years... This is going to be incredible and I can't wait to spend 2 weeks with my fama-jama!

However, it is slightly bittersweet.

I am just sitting here at my cottage, looking at my dear sweet Frankie (and my other 5 dogs) and I keep crying. I am going to have the hardest time leaving little Frank behind.

So, as most of you know ... Frank came to me at a really tough time in my life. And at only 7 weeks old, he really needed me, a mom, to take care of him. But what he didn't realize was that he was taking care of me, too. He helped me so much, I am not even kidding. I had this little bundle of cute overload that loved me so unconditionally. How could I be sad, you know? He made me feel whole again. He made me laugh when I wanted to cry. He is my everything. My world.

I have had him since Oct. 30.. So just slightly over a month. And since that day I got him, when he was only 2 pounds, I have not slept one night without little Frankie curled up either on my head, between my arms, or on my feet. He has become my little comfort blanket (yep, still little, only 4.5 pounds). Like right now, he just climbed up onto the couch (literally he had to climb) to just cuddle on my lap. Ugh. I love the little shit.

I am so sad and so worried he won't love me or even remember me when I get back. He is going to be living with 5 other awesome dogs, and 2 awesome grand parents. And 2 weeks is a really long time. Ugh. It breaks my heart.

I LOVE YOU FRANKIE. And I will see you in 2 weeks. Ugh. Is it just me or do goodbyes seem a bit harder when it involves a puppy? Anyone with me on this one?

Leaving Frankie is Jamaican me sad



  1. this sucks. like legit im so sad right now. i have to leave him in like an hour to go to chatham and i dont wannnnnnnna.

  2. who's watching him?! -kp

  3. He'll still love you to bits! I got Poquito only 3 weeks before I left for Asia and I was gone for a whole month. My family spoiled the shit out of him too, I still can't compete with them. But when I got back he loved and cuddled me more than ever :) Distance makes the heart grow fonder!

    -Sars Van