Monday, December 19, 2011

Greetings from Jamaica!!

So. I meant to post these pictures before I left.. Being like... Hey... Look... How awesome is this... I am going to Jamaica! You jelly? But, things got so busy, and so now I will post some of these pictures now.

So uh.. here goes nothing:

You jelly?? ;)

That little girl is TOTALLY right, and it isnt strange at ALL. I wanna be brown like Beyonce too, little toddler in a tiara, I want to be brown like Beyonce too...

Anyway! Things are super awesome, and I am unbelievable happy. I wish I could post a picture that could capture the absolute beauty that this villa has. We have an overlook of the sea from our (outdoor) kitchen table. Basically our whole backyard is the ocean. It is just unreal. I was totally flabbergasted when we got here yesterday. Just, wow.

I miss you guys though. And my family, and my puppy.

But, it is almost dinner time!

Much love.

Sending you sunshine!

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