Wednesday, November 9, 2011

puppy love

Whoever said you can't buy happiness forgot about little puppies.

We spend our lives so worried about giving our love away, and yet, we are able to literally fall in love with puppies upon meeting them. Have any of you ever noticed that?

Frankie stole my heart the minute I saw him. The way he could barely even walk 2 feet because he was so little, the way his breath smelt, the way he looked into my eyes... It was just love. And since then, he has managed to make me the happiest and proudest owner. He makes me laugh every day.

And I am so lucky for that.

Growing up with dogs, it was hard to live life without one. They are just the most wonderful creatures in the world. I read a quote once, I can't remember who it was by, but it was along the lines of "the average dog is a better person than most people".... and how true is that? A dog lives his life trying to please others. Seriously never wishing any harm on you. And all we have to do to earn their love is just be there. They don't go around expecting something in return. They want you to be happy, and maybe give em a little belly rub.

A dog will listen better than most people will. A dog KNOWS when we are upset, and will tailor to your needs. And most importantly, a dog will be there for you when others turn their backs on you. Ready to be there, and make you happy, and take care of you. It is amazing to me, because dogs really judge character. If my dog doesn't like you, then I have to really think about WHY that is.

I found this lame little poem/quote by an unknown author.. but it really is sweet, and really kind of hones in on what I was saying through this all.

He is my friend.
my partner.
my (3 pound) defender.
my dog.

I am his life.
his love.
his leader.

He will be mine,
faithful and true,
to the last beat of his heart.

I owe it to him to be worthy of such devotion.

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