Tuesday, November 15, 2011

my studying rut

I seriously never study enough, and I know that I do have adequate time... But I never am able to just sit down, and hammer out some readings.


I Blame the internet.

I seriously just go on quick to check twitter, or the student life project, or twitter, and end up wasting HOURS (literally, hours). And when I look back on those hours, I just don't understand where all my time went. And I am remorseful and mourn that time lost.

And then, instead of doing what a normal person would do and kick my butt into gear - I mope around and make dinner (when I have to study thats when I get the most creative in the kitchen, aka STALL). And then I dont want to eat and study. Hellz no.

So anyway.

The point of this post is that school sucks and I'm running away to disney world to be a professional princess. Come visit me :)

Other solutions involve sucking it up, time management or asking for help..... but I like mine the best!

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