Wednesday, November 30, 2011

Jonas Forever

I wrote this June 17th 2010.

Wow. who would have ever thought that 2 and a half years after a day of watching all the @jonasbrothers videos on youtube that i would be sitting on my bed, bawling my eyes out because the effect they had on me that fateful sunday afternoon in january... still exists.

today i was just messing around on the piano, and im terrible.. but i thought i would definitely be able to learn one song and be able to be pro at it.. just by memorizing. and i decided that song should be fly with me. my mom is a piano pro, so after teaching me the initial chords, she asked if i wanted to hear the whole song played with both hands... i did... and just after the first few lines i started to get this weird choked up feeling, and tears starting coming out

and i just imagined nick rising from the floor on the piano playing those same notes. and it was game over

all those feelings that were once so strong in my life, and have sadly diminished in the past year or so just flooded back. i remembered going to my first concert and just being so sure i was going to meet them and they were going to love me, and then after it was over crying for literal days.

i know they arent the same boys they were 2.5 years ago, but im not the same girl either. people grow up and change, and weve all been watching this change happen for some time now.. and this change didnt have be as excited to be a jonas fan..

everytime a jonas song comes on my ipod shuffle i would press next.. i just was totally slipping away from my jonas roots.. really the only thing keeping me intertwined with the jonai were my fanfamily friends. but even that was taken away from us, so that was harder to maintain.

but just after that moment, that tiny little moment at the piano, im just so emotional, and i really cant shake it off

these boys made my life the way it is
and if it wasnt for them, i cant even imagine the lack of happiness in my life
i never cared that people made fun of them
because i knew how incredible they were
and i knew how happy they made me feel from the inside out

im so sad that that happiness from the jonas brothers had left me these past months, because its such a powerful force.

my stomach is actually sick right now just thinking about how much i love them. and how great they made my life.

i cant imagine not going to 7 shows in the past 2 years
july 5.08
jan 18.09
july 26.09
aug 27.09
aug 30.09
aug 31.09
jan 16.10 (nick j & admin)

and i cant believe for 2 of those shows that i was front row
how many people get that opportunity?
at the toronto concert there were 55000+ people
and i was front row.. that means tehre may have been 54900 people wanting my life.. and when joe touched my hand...

i cant believe that the jonas brothers filmed camp rock 2 right near guelph
and that i got to see nick jonas on his birthday
and that my step sister got to meet them (she could have cared less...)
but that she took that time to give the phone to joe and nick and that i have gotten to speak to the jonas brothers on the phone.

life is amazing
and the jonas brothers have contributed to so much of that

i cant get over how emotional i am right now
theres so many more things that i could be saying right now

but ill leave it at
peace, love & jonas


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