Tuesday, November 29, 2011

I want YOU


I know you guys read my blogs, and clearly - you must like em a little bit because you keep coming back! Well, this is your chance to give me some topics you would like to hear about..

Comment below and give me some of your ideas, and I would LOVE to blog about them! (no, I am not getting lazy and unable to think of topics, I will be able to continue without you... but I would really like to do a viewers choice blog every once and a while!)

Let me know! The sky is your limit (but not really, I'll blog about space.. I DUN CARE!)

ps i know the picture is weird.. but like.. its friggen adorable and i cant think of a situation where i would ever use it, other than right now. its.. its just.. its perfect ♥


  1. I truly don't think you need suggestions. As lame as this 'suggestion' is, I think you should just keep blogging what you blog. It's the random funny things and inspirational things and the unexpectedness that I think everyone loves. I sure do at least :)