Monday, November 14, 2011

How To Smell Like Kelsey

Hygiene is overrated. Smelling good is not. I am NOTORIOUS for loading up lotion multiple times a day(and also known for having really soft skin). but soft skin is not the only perk that comes from lotion - a great scent is another perk! I actually do get compliments on how good I smell quite often. So. You're probably asking yourself "how can I smell like kelsey?" Well. With these easy steps you can smell like me in no time! (you're welcome)

Step 1
Go to the nearest bath and body works location

Step 2
Locate the "dark kiss" lotion section

Step 3
Pick up a bottle of dark kiss scented body cream, and a bottle of dark kiss scented body lotion

Step 4 (optional)
Pay for items mentioned above

Step 5
Lather your stomach, butt, elbows and other dry areas with the body cream

Step 6
Moisturize the rest of your body with the body lotion

Step 7
Smell awesome

Step 8
Fish for compliments

Step 9
Receive compliments

Step 10
Thank Kelsey