Saturday, November 12, 2011

HELP! Where should I get my next tattoo?

Okay blog readers. I need your help.

I have decided what tattoo #7 is going to be. I am not going to reveal what it is quite yet (although a select few of you know already). But this I can tell you. It is an 8 letter word, and means a lot to me and my life. It encompasses a whole lot of things that I have gone through and just sums up how I am moving forward. Yep, all that in one 8-letter word.

However, I cannot decide WHERE I want to get this tattoo. I have it narrowed down between 3 places, and so now - I would love you guys to weigh in and help me to make a decision.

spot # 1 - Collar Bone

spot # 2 - Inner Bicep

spot # 3 - Top of Shoulder

So, thoughts? What spot do you like best for an 8-letter word?


  1. Your next tattoo and all others to follow should be on a tee shirt so when you're older & have changed your mind about these body decorations, you can take it off. Same advice I gave to Kate
    You're welcome
    Aunt Carmen

  2. inner bicep. or even the collar bone! have you thought about on your back just a bit below your neck? that's a cute place for tattoos especially 8 words! it'd be nice!

  3. I have a tattoo on my left shoulder blade... so Im not sure if that would be too much clutter, you know? I was also kind of considering along my hairline at the back of my head.. but idk! :) thanks though!

  4. yah that's true. well then i think the shoulder tattoo would clutter it up too much. the hairline idea is unique! i think that would be awesome!

  5. or directly along your collarbone! :)

  6. im getting mine on the top of my shoulder this week :) super cute and unexpected area! :)

  7. Top of shoulder! I just got my done there! really a great spot to show it off and also hide it :)