Saturday, November 12, 2011

Hello Goodbye

The hardest part about a goodbye is the hello.

That doesn't make sense, right? Because it's a goodbye. There are no hellos involved in that.

But what I mean, is that after every goodbye, we always look back. It is an inevitable process. No matter how happy/mad/sad we were when we said that goodbye, we will look back at how we got there. Look back on the past, what went wrong, and eventually we will end up where it started: with a hello.

And remembering the hello is what always hurts us the most.

Hellos open up new doors. Doors with no judgements, no bitter feelings, just a willingness to meet someone new. Hellos are fresh starts. And they are so exciting. So pure. Hellos make you wonder what the future has in store. Hellos make you think the future is going to continue to be as exciting, and continue to make you feel as good as you do in this moment.

That's because hellos are innocent and pure.

Hellos don't make you worry about being hurt. Hellos don't even give you any reason to think there is a reason to be hurt. Because in that moment, that blissful moment, you are just 2 people. 2 people who want nothing but to impress each other, and get to know one another, and so the best face is put forward. And that face makes you think the future will be great. Why wouldn't you, right? Hellos make us feel so special. And all we ever want is to feel special...

But sometimes, the future doesn't follow the path the hello made you think it would.

Sometimes, a hello ends with a goodbye. A really really messy goodbye. The kind of goodbye that makes you ache for days, months, or even years. And through this ache, the hardest part is going to be looking back at that hello. That exciting hello that held so many promises that are now broken. And you'll feel betrayed.

Betrayed by your own damn hello.

And you know what? This is a brutal and really painful part of life. It is almost like a sick joke. Because after enough goodbyes, you might want to stop saying hello in the first place. You know, to save you from all the pain that you feel like you will eventually face afterwards.

We can't let that happen, because although every hello will inevitably end with a goodbye in some way or another, that doesn't mean it has to end badly. We are still so young, too young... And if we start getting bitter about our hellos, and making our hellos stop us from moving forward - where will we be in a few years?


Now for the advice portion: Let yourself believe in the magic in hellos. We wouldn't feel so betrayed by them if there wasn't a good reason, right? Hellos are there for a reason. We wouldn't get anywhere without them. Hellos are our entire world. So, let the future give you everything it has in store for you after those hellos. If it ends in a goodbye that makes you sad, so be it... there will be more hellos - as long as you are open to them. Don't let goodbyes make you bitter about hellos.


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  1. I really like this post kelsey and can totally understand this way of thinking.
    thinking of the first hello.. oh boy.