Friday, November 25, 2011


me and haley had a wonderful conversation today while attempting to do homework/study and I came to the conclusion that we actually are the best.

And the hungriest.

"I'll drive you home because I want to go to zerhs and maybe get a box of oreos. Because they have christmas oreos... Wait. No. No I don't. Bad idea."

"We can get healthy things too.. like, lettuce! Or.. Maybe, no. Lets sleep on it. So we know we aren't making rash decisions."

"Yes! Because I have a feeling I'd really regret buying that lettuce!"

"Yeah, and the thing is... Is that we aren't crash dieting. We are being healthy. So we are going to lose weight eventually, and it is FINE if we eat junk like McDonalds and oreos every once in a while!"

"YEAH! and like.. If I am going to lose weight, I want to gain some first! You know? Work so I have something to lose?"

"Yeah, before you diet you got to gain some to up the anti!"

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