Sunday, November 20, 2011

best presents EVER

Remember that time I posted about how to smell like me?

Well now I get to smell like me, for even longer, and even freer (i skip number 4 like a BOSS...) thanks to my lovely family.

My famjam knows that I love to moisturize, and that I love to smell good.. so look at the amount of delish bath and body works products I racked in today from different members of the family (haha, seriously, great minds think alike!)

The kinds of lotion I got (if you cant see properly or are blind, but if you are blind i guess me typing out the flavors wont exactly be helpful either nor will me explaining this all between these brackets....) are DARK KISS and VANILLA BEAN NOEL. I also got 2 things of Dark Kiss body spray, so I am hooked up for life.

and BTW. No it isnt my birthday. Today was family Christmas. But I shall post more about that later!


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