Monday, November 21, 2011

Artist of the Year (and classiest, too)

Taylor Swift is officially going down in my books as the classiest celebrity out there.

She has never had a drunk scandal, or a sexy one... Nor has she ever done anything (other than write totally relateable and sometimes mean songs) to ruin her reputation as being totally sweet and kind and wonderful.

But that isn't the only reason she is 100% class. Taylor is genuinely the sweetest person, anyone would vouch for her (except maybe joe jonas) but the thing is, is that she is so thankful every single day to be where she is. She has never let fame get to her head. She wins awards EVERY award show. She is an unstoppable force when it comes to it. She generally sweeps all the awards away in every category she is nominated for.. and yet, she is always so thankful and surprised. She LOVES her fans, too.

She kind of won my heart a year ago at the CMAs with this speech, while sobbing, "I will never forget this moment because in this moment everything I have ever wanted has just happened to me."

Congrats Swifty on yet another big win tonight at the AMAs (Artist of the year, Female Country Artist and Country Album). You deserve it. And the best part is... you don't even take that for granted

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