Monday, October 3, 2011

I'm Doing Me

I think it is important for everyone, for a period in their ADULT lives, to "do them". You know... like the rappers/people in jersey shore say... "imma go do me!"

But really.. It is something to think about. Because if you are in a relationship your entire life, or going from one relationship to another, how in the world will you EVER find out who you are. Really now. I dont think this is too crazy of a concept, and yet, I see so many people fall into the traps of "needing to be dating".

You can think you know who you are even though you are always dating someone. But sometimes, you really don't know. Trust me, I have seen FIRST hand people trying to explain this to me. But really, is that really you? How would you even know?

You are never completely free to explore your feelings and desires. That picture above really sums it up for me. You need to find your own happiness. From withing. Do you, and eventually - it will come.

You will be amazed what you learn about yourself when you just... free...

Everyone feels the pressures to be in a relationship. Especially when everyone around you is dating. Bleh. I know I feel it.

So I am telling you to let go of that pressure, and let life happen. Figure out exactly who you are. Learn to love that person... and the rest will follow.

Guaranteed, the relationships that follow will be the best you've ever had. Because when you know deep down who you are, and love who you are, you are going to make sure that you find someone who compliments that PERFECTLY. We all want prince charming (or princess leia for the guys reading this), this is a FOOL PROOF way to find him/her!

Being single does NOT mean you're weak, or that something is wrong with you. It actually kind of means the opposite. It means you are strong enough to wait for someone who you really deserve. Someone who makes you feel good from the inside out. Someone you love to spend time with, and laugh, and just... be YOU around.

And I am not saying the exception doesn't exist either. Sometimes you need someone to help find you. Of course :) This is just one way (a refreshing way) to look at it. And I feel like some people really NEED to hear this!


  1. I'm a woman who met a man later in life who I am free to be ME with!!! It is so worth it.

  2. You know a lot about relationships for never actually being in one, and seem to have many boy problems

  3. Lol haterrr. Boy troubles came from me picking douchebags. I know a lot about being single, and I know a whole fucking lot about who I am. And if that took some "boy troubles" to get to, its more than fucking worth it. I'm single because I'm picky and I'm comfortable enough with myself not to settle for anything less than I think I deserve. I know what its like to be treated bad. And I have so many friends who get stuck in bad relationships. You must feel real good about yourself right now haha pathetic!

  4. Without experiencing a number of boy problems one will never know who prince charming really is.Some may think they are in a good relation ship when they do not know that they actually have a boy problem.Ask half of married women when they realized they were not married to prince charming.One needs to kiss a lot of frogs and test drive a few models before you can pick out prince charming.After 65 years of life experience and 40 years providing counselling I think Kelsy is right on.Wish I had read this at 30.

  5. I wonderrrrr who that could be???

    Somebody's jealous of my beautiful Kelsey. I can't blame them though.


  7. I love this Kels! It's so true too. I was in a 3 and a half year relationship, and now being single I feel like I'm finally doing me. I feel so much more like myself than I have probably in a year!