Friday, October 21, 2011

forcing laughter, faking smiles

There is a sad hopefulness in a broken smile but only yf you look closely enough. You may even be able to see the damage a person feels, the damage they are trying so hard to hide. That hopeful, sad, beautiful and captivating smile. And you just know that that is the kind of smile that is going to take time to fix. It is possible to be happy and sad at the same time. It really is. And despite how wonderful and fabulous life can be, it can still get you down.

But as I grow older (which I do, every single day) I try to take an objective look at life. Sure, maybe today I am feeling lethargic, and YES I know that people have it worse than I do, but this is my life.

Why would I waste time and wallow around and prevent myself from making a happier and brighter future?

One thing I value more than anything, is time. I have come to realize that there is simply never enough of it. We can learn to manage it, and we can find ways to save time.. but really, at the end of the day - we never want it to be the end of the day. We always find ourselves wishing for that extra hour, or extra time to do this or do that or call him or email her...

So, why waste my precious time even further by being down on myself? Or by allowing the heat of life to win? Or by forcing laughter and faking smiles...

You have the power to change your life.

You have the power to be happy.

Maybe you are broke, but you are not broken.

And sure, maybe because of this you have a slightly broken smile, but you have the power to use time to your ADVANTAGE (for once) and let that smile fix itself.

Realistically now, how could that smile ever be fixed if you do not put any active effort into it? If you spend your time being miserable and wallowing in the past, that smile will only get more broken. And eventually, you'll go from having a broken smile to no smile at all.

But if you let life happen, and embrace what it offers you with open arms - guaranteed that smile will fix itself, and more importantly, your insides will fix along with it. You gotta go through some tough things to find who you are. These things may shape you, and maybe they will hurt you along the way, but they cannot break you. Those feelings are temporary - where happiness can be forever.

Words cannot possibly describe the liberating feeling you will feel when you smile, and you can feel it radiate from inside out.

You have the power to liberate yourself of negativity and spread love. Happiness is more contagious than H1N1, I swear.

Stay strong & radiate love.

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