Friday, September 23, 2011

Why the Lion King makes me feel OLD

Okay, I know my mom would kill me for saying this... but it is recently just really hitting me how old we are getting..

It seems like just yesterday I was in grade 6, literally spending hours a day PLAYING... not needing to stress over the easy and small amounts of homework I had... and simply eating ice cream without ANY guilt. Sometimes, I can't even believe that I don't do those things anymore. There was never anything that just made me STOP playing, or START stressing, or STOP eating ice cream without guilt.. those things just happened.

But when did it happen? When did I go from a child to an adult? And seriously, HOW does that happen....

So I bet you are all wondering why am I feeling so old? Well, readers of justanotherkelsey, I'll tell you:


Do you realize that they are marketing this are a "re-release of a CLASSIC"... yes, a classic... like... Just like Thelma and Louise, the Lion King is considered to be a "classic".

If you hadn't realized this yet, or recognized the significance of this: let me go ahead and point out that it is a classic that originally came out when we were alive... WTF?!

The thing is, I miss being a kid. I miss having TIME. I feel like recently, there is just not enough time in a day. I am doing what I want to do, and yet, there is never just enough time. I feel so sad going to sleep, because I feel like time has once again slipped away from me. And I just have no idea WHERE it went to. My goodness, I would kill for an extra hour a day. You know? I never remember being young and being like "well gosh darnit! where the heck did the time go?"...

When the heck did this happen, and is it going to get WORSE? AH! Stupid Lion King!

I can't deal with this.

I mean, I can. And I will.

It's just a major slap in the face.

Growing up is hard.

Growing up is a major reality check.

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