Friday, September 9, 2011

what is a role model?

You know, I have really been thinking about this lately... Most of it has stemmed from recent criticisms of some of my favourite celebrities. I just wanted to address some of my thoughts on this. You may not agree, you may just find my thoughts refreshing and maybe I can make you think a little... Because really, that is all I am doing. But I am posting my thoughts on the interweb at the same time!

So? What is a role model?

As the google dictionary told me, a role model is "A person looked to by others as an example to be imitated." Okay, so that sounds pretty good. So then, I guess the question needs to be what makes a GOOD role model?

I truly have decided that it should be someone who is kind to everyone, who is open to experiences, and who isn't afraid to make mistakes. Because someone who is "perfect" and follows the rules the whole life is obviously a very safe person, but that is not the kind of life I want my future kids to live. I want my kids to go out, find the things they love, make mistakes, and grow from them. And because of these mistakes - they will become better and more experienced people.

I think this Miley picture is perfect. She has received so much criticism over the past years, because she has gone out and done some "bad" things. These things, really, aren't that bad. They are normal things. Things that most people will go through. I'm not saying shes a good role model, but I think she is a better role model than someone who is always playing it safe.

And Demi, she is troubled. Deeply. But most teenagers are. And Demi has got so much criticism lately as well, for being "crazy" and "fat" but really ... she is so normal, her problems have just been magnified by the media. She has shown that you can go through all this, and come out happy. And that happiness is so important.

I like to think I would make a good role model. I go out, have fun, but I don't hurt anyone in doing it. I also know how to work hard, and to overcome some of the most stressful things in my life.

Basically, I just think that a role model shouldn't be that perfectly angelic and rule abiding person. It should be someone real, someone who makes mistakes. But someone who can ACCEPT that yes, these are mistakes - but that they can learn from them?

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