Friday, September 2, 2011

University: The first step of your life

My gooooodness. That picture was taken 3 years ago, almost to the day exactly. That was the day that I moved from everything I had ever known, and went to off to Guelph for the first time. I was scared shitless, because I knew that this was a huge step in my life. I knew that this WAS my life. The day it all begins. Everything was going to change. Taking a step like that is so exciting, and terrifying. And now it is Brooke's turn. I am so proud of my sister. I wish her all the best in her first year of University at Western (booooo western.)

"Today's the day my life begins.

Today I become a citizen of the world.

Today I become a grown up.

Today I become accountable to someone other than myself and my parents.

Accountable for more than my grades.

Today, I become accountable to the world. To the future.

To all the possibilities that life has to offer.

Starting today, my job is to show up wide eyed and willing and ready.

For what, I don't know. For anything. For everything.

To take on life. To take on love. To take on the responsibility and possibility.

Today, my friends, our lives begin.

And, I for one can't wait."

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