Monday, September 19, 2011


Demi's new album hits stores tomorrow, September 20th.

the track list:

1. All night long ft Missy Elliot and Timbaland
2.Whos that boy ft Dev
3.You're my only shorty ft Iyaz
4.Together ft Jason Derulo
7.Fix a heart
8.Hold up
10.Give your heart a break
12.In real life
13.My love is like a star
14. For the love of a daughter
15.Skyscraper wizz dumb remix

From what I have heard, and from what I know about Demi and all her recent struggles - this album has the potential to rock our worlds. I think it is going to be so full of raw emotion, raw emotion that we will all be able to relate to on a personal level.

I think you should all consider going out tomorrow, or even staying in and buying it on itunes. Just to show Demi how proud we are of her from rising from the ground, and also to just let her know that she is such an inspiration to people everywhere.

Demi's music is respectable. You can't dispute that. Check out Unbroken.


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