Friday, September 16, 2011

On this day in 2009

I waited for hours outside of Rockwood conservation area.... By myself, may I mention, with the hopes of getting a glimpse at the Jonas Brothers (who, at this point, were confirmed to be there filming camp rock 2. Confirmed by who? Oh, you know, my step sister who was randomly camping there and randomly MET NICK AND JOE JONAS).

I knew at this point meeting them was unlikely, because I had been there every single day for the past week - and each day more and more girls found out they were there, which meant more and more girls showed up each day. Which meant police showed up. And barricades.

But. As luck would have it...I was front row when Nick, Joe, Mama & Papa, Frankie, and Demi Lovato drove by.

It wasn't much. But at the same time, it was everything.

Now I always get to say that I was within inches of Nick Jonas on his 17th birthday. And to me, that is pretty special, because there are only a handful of fans that get to say that.


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