Sunday, September 11, 2011

Me (Posted Monday 23rd August 2010)

ive been so broken for so long, but i can still smile and mean it.

justin bieber makes me wet.

i can paint each nail a different colour and people think its normal.

i never sleep.

when i sleep i get nightmares. which sucks. but they are cool.

i have a chinchilla.

my lip is pierced.

i have 4 tattoos.

i have 8 piercings.

within the span of 4 months my hair has been pink, purple and blue.

basically, im hardcore

i may be a budding alcoholic.

i am very open about my sex life.

my sex life is a sexy life.

i give the best advice.

no matter what, if you come to me, i wont judge you.

a lot of people dont like me.

i dont like a lot of people.

but everyone i dont like, gave me a reason not to.

i am a ride warrior.

the jonas brothers will always be my life.

some of my best friends i met online.

one of my best friends is 13.

im no longer a teenager.

i am just finding out who i am.

i spent almost 10000 a year on school, and i still dont know why.

my dogs are the only things that can make me smile when im crying.

i love cherry milkshakes.

i hate my huge boobs.

i love my eyes.

i will never date anyone shorter than me.

unless its joe jonas.

i like when im told im "impossibly magnetic".

bad boys are kind of my thing.

my favourite drinks are caesars & whiskey sours.

but im a sucker for tequila shots.

greys anatomy makes me cry almost every episode.

i hate shaving.

im intimidated by girls who are taller than me, because its rare.

i own a super nintendo and play it often.

i wear vera wang perfume.

i always have silky soft skin.

seriously, always.

i suck at every sport.

after 4 years of struggle im finally over anorexia.

diet coke sucks, seriously.

my favourite foods are foods from a childrens menu.

i want to have a penis for a day, they are so curious.

i love lady gaga.

i regret things i passed up on more than stupid things ive done.

i believe in horoscopes.

and making wishes at 11:11.

i still think one day i could be famous.

my family is everything to me.

my friends are the fucking best people in the world.

im really good at calculus.

the strangest things affect me, anna svidersky for example.


i was a drama nerd in high school.

i shop with money i dont have way too often.

i have a thing for lame disney movies.

i could be a porn star.

my addiction is my iphone.

i love snuggling in my snuggie.

being naked makes me so fucking happy.

i swear too much, even in front of grandparents.

i love chatham's finest.

right now i really want a glass of wine.

did i mention i may be becoming an alcoholic?

i love driving on the 401.

i want to impact your life.

i want to be someone you can look back on and smile.

i want to be remembered.

i want you to be my friend.

i want you to know everything about me.

i want you to love me.

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