Thursday, September 22, 2011


Best part of going to the gym? GETTING A ROCKIN BOD!


Don't get me wrong, that is way upppppp there. But one of the benefits that I have completely forgotten about is the ENERGY it gives you.

I have been the sleepiest person these past weeks. It doesn't help that I had a brutal cold, but starting school has been such a brain drain. Between school, the student life project, tutoring, blogging, and maintaining a social life - sleep has become this amazing thing that I put as one of my top priorities.

Lately, when I have an hour or two of free time, guess what that time is dedicated to? NAPPING. HARD.

And now I realize why im soooo sluggish and gross... I haven't been hitting the gym nearly as much as I did in the summer.. I look at my schedule, and I definitely have time to squeeze in work outs, but I always think "mannn.. im sooo tired.. i can't make it tonight."

So starting today, I will be hitting the gym - NO MATTER HOW TIRED I AM. Because it will help to cure my insane tiredness. Right?


Tonight I start easy with some body flow :) Wish me luck!


  1. Good Luck. I love the picture.
    I got your stupid cold and it is a real drainer.
    And you're right about the exercise - even when you don't feel like it you need to do it. I do it with the "bitch" you're sleeping with!