Sunday, September 18, 2011

the journey to strength

I spent the day with my parents here in Port Lambton. And it's a funny thing, growing up... because instead of rolling my eyes at everything they have to say - I actually take real stock in it, and use their words a a form of inspiration in my life.

Not only that, but there is now this mutual respect. Our conversations are really deep and meaningful, and they aren't just flimsy. They are important.

I thought I would share with you guys what we discussed today: strength.

Growing up for me, was terrible. It honestly was. I was depressed. I was moody. I never wanted to go out. I suffered real tragedy. I fell for the wrong people. I had trouble adjusting at school. I had some serious girl drama.

But despite all that shit I went through, I made it.

Not only that, but each time life handed me some obstacle - even though it seemed impossible at the time, I was learning. Learning how to cope with difficult situations. How to take a minute and analyze what is really happening. How to be able to accept that I was wrong, and say I'm sorry.

Because of everything I went though, I grew stronger and wiser.

I learned to accept what was given to me, and to take control of the situations. Simply put, I learned to be my own hero.

Some people go through life without many roadblocks, and although this seems like a great way to live - there are downfalls.. because what happens when that roadblock finally hits and you don't know how to cope with it? This is what happens to most people who have "mid life crises". They just can't function and they feel like their whole world is falling apart.

I now have an advantage, because instead of falling apart, I rise above. Because I know HOW to. I know that each roadblock isn't the end. It is a temporary obstacle that I can get through, as long as I keep moving forward. As long as I don't give up.

We discussed the successful people in the world. My dad told me that most of the very successful people of the world experienced a crisis in their teenage years. That way, as they entered adulthood, they were ready to face that challenges that laid before them.

So just, remember this:

Growing up isn't easy.

The stuff that gets thrown at us is not always fair.

Most of it is bullshit that we don't deserve.

But, it makes us who we are.

And more than that, it makes us strong.

Don't give up, you are stronger than you think.

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