Tuesday, September 20, 2011

being in love with a celebrity is hard

Okay. I know you all think I am a HUGE loser because of this... but no matter what, no matter how much I've grown up, I am still in love with Joe Jonas.

And let me clarify. I love my biebz and my drake, but that's different. I never felt so personally attached to them like I do to Joe. I felt like Joe was so attainable, and that's why I think I am so in love (STILL!)

To be honest, I am actually quite surprised.. because I don't depend on the Jonas Brothers like I once did...

But when I saw a GIF of Joe Jonas's sexy new music video (a music video I can't even bring myself to watch because he is showing his love to someone who isn't me). He's naked. And NOT with me. My heart actually broke into a million lame pieces.

Not just like "I am hella jealous." but like... I can actually feel my insides getting tight and the butterflies getting crushed and the hot tears welling up in my eyes kind of heart break. The real deal.

And I understand that that is so pathetic. But I can't help it.

Being in love with a celebrity, no matter who it is, is hard. Because they can never return the love that we give them - they can talk about how much they love their fans, but that doesn't matter. That doesn't give us what we want. We end up feeling empty, broken, and alone.

No matter what, a celebrity will always be perfect. We don't even get a chance to see their flaws. They will be forever immortalized as perfect. Mere humans just pale in comparison.

This one is for everyone who has ever had their heart broken by a celebrity.

you are not alone

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  1. it's DEFINITELY not pathetic. I used to feel the same way about Joe, too. But I understand that we lead completely different lives, and we are different in other ways. Remember, that girl in the music video is being paid to show her 'love' to him in front of a camera. There is probably no chemistry between them.
    Who knows, maybe one day, your paths will cross. Dont let anyone tell you that this is wrong, because it isn't. Hope that helps :)