Thursday, August 18, 2011


Okay. This is actually fairly embarrassing and not something I am proud of at all....
but it is kind of interesting.... and I thought you would all enjoy hearing about my experiences with.... uhh.... uhm..... sleep eating.

Yes. You heard me correctly.

Eating while I am asleep.

Specifically chocolate. Large amounts.

How embarrassing and gross is that? Like really?

So, I just figured you know, it was something that I did time to time when things were really stressful. It seriously only seems to happen when I had a bunch of papers due, or it was exam time, or things were just piling up.. And I would NEVER know I did it, except I leave evidence errrrrytime. I wake up in the morning and there will be a chocolate bar wrapper situated nicely between the pillow and my face, and there is chocolate smeared all down my cheek.

Caught red handed. Whoops.

And I go through the same thing EVERY TIME. First, I panic a little. Then, I find myself trying to remember exactly when I decided to grab this tasty treat and eat it in bed. But I can't. I never can remember how it happens. But it did. And there is nothing I can do about it at this point. And then I laugh about it.

BUT. Really, it pisses me off. Because I rarely eat treats like chocolate bars, and when I do, I want to reeeeally enjoy it and savor every single ounce of melty chocolatey goodness - and not be completely asleep!


So today, after a recent kit-kat episode, I decided to google it and see what was up - and if I was alone in this. and I found tha it does happen with increased stress... but, what I do (a chocolate bar here and there) is mild. There are some people that take it to an extreme. They make kitty litter sandwiches (can you say "ew"?) and consume THOUSANDS of calories, mostly in foods they wouldn't even eat if they were awake...

So, long story short, it actually made me feel less like a freak, and more like a girl who's subconscious craves a little chocolate love during stressful times.

Anyway. Hope you enjoyed my little story. Just one of the many things on my mind.

Phew! Feels good to get that off my chest!

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