Tuesday, August 30, 2011

Drunk Kelso FTW

The other day, for Leland's goodbye party, I thought it would be wise to bring tons of glow sticks - to, you know, spice the night up. Knowing my friends, we would take the glow sticks and use them in some greasy way. Well, long story short, we did.

And despite all the hilarious and slightly scandalous pictures from that night, there is one picture that stands above the rest.

Yep, this right here is my favourite.

Mostly because it shows that drunk Kelsey is a drunken idiot (a hilarious, lovable and very adorable idiot) .


My bfflaeaeae Charlene and I were in the middle of what appears to be a glow stick photo-shoot, and this picture we were supposed to be looking like "walruses".... yeah, you know.... with the glow sticks representing walrus tusks and what have you.... and well, this was clearly my interpretation.... Dead on Kelso, dead on.

So... wait... what?

You're telling me walrus tusks DON'T come out of the walrus' nose?


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