Sunday, August 21, 2011

Demi Lovato

I don't why I have never talked about Demi on here before, Demi is an incredible girl and I think she is probably the best role model out there. Sure, she has had serious problems, but instead of covering them up - she let them out there to show that she is not invincible (and that NO ONE is).

The campaign she supports - "Love is louder than the pressure to be perfect" honestly breaks my heart because it is exactly what girls today need to hear. She is such a normal girl, who has gone through so much heartbreak. And what makes things worse is that her heartbreak is not private, it is out there for everyone to see. Everyone to comment on how much she suffers.

The picture to the right is from this summer, when I saw her in detroit (during the VIP sound check). Just look how tiny and flawless she is. Someone asked her a question about her favourite outfit, and she told us, but I remember getting really sad because she said "it was a gold dress at ___ award show. I looked so good because I had been working out and I was healthy then". Clearly implying that she was no longer satisfied with her body. Which is so sad, because look at her - completely beautiful. In all aspects.

She was treated for several months in rehab, it was never officially released what for - but speculated for depression, cutting, anger, and bulimia on top of all that. But she is now out, and she is stronger than ever. And I am honestly so proud. She is two years younger than me, it is so sad how that pressure has made her such an adult.

I love her, I feel like we relate. During the VIP soundcheck in toronto me and Demi conversed in FRENCH for a moment (it started because she said "i like toronto better than montreal" and I yelled out "YEAH! we speak english!" and she goes "wait what? did someone just ask me if i speak english?" hahah and it ended up with us saying minimal and crappy french to each other") and then someone made a comment near me about how they love her light hair, she thought it was me and replied "YOU WOULD! youre the blondest person here!"

I just love her. And have so much respect for her.

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